Ecela Spanish

If you will be traveling to South America for vacation, relocation or if you want to be able to have conversations with family members in Spanish, Ecela is a good fit for you.

Real Conversations

Ecela has taken a whole new approach to teaching a foreign language by immersing students in Spanish culture and by having real life conversations with people who live in South America.

Multipe Schools

Learn spanish in Peru or plan a multi school adventure during your time spent with Ecela. For once in your life, you'll be looking forward to school and learning.

Grouple or Private

With Ecela you can choose to learn in the standard group classes or you have the option of private classes to learn one on one with an instructor.

Sign up today to learn from one of our Spanish immersion schools in South America by filling out our pre-registration form online. Contact us for more detailed information about courses and pricing.